Late Night Debacle

I have not slept yet and I do not plan on it. I watched the sunset and I will watch the sun rise here shortly.

Late nights fill my head with delight, everyone’s dreaming and I’m busy scheming.
There are sleeping bodies all spread across the floor, yet I’m still awake; sitting here, writing more.

Thoughts leave my mind and travel through my arms. My fingers tap against the keyboard and letters appear on the screen. Smoke fills my lungs as I inhale and purple clouds hang around my head.

My thoughts fight each other to come out first, they want to be written down and published in works. They mangle and tangle with each other causing one big mess; my fingers can’t keep up, leaving flames on the desk.
They burn into my skull as I try to get them out leaving forever stains where ever they were at. Lavender lips entrance my thoughts, I think of you and I become lost.

Fantasies run through my brain as I’m driving this all night magic writing freight train. They don’t make sense and they will never come true, they are just fantasies and there’s no harm that they can do. Wash away my thoughts and free my hands, this keyboard is my homeland.

I will play your games as long as I think I have a chance to win, you see, my sights are set high and I wont bend. There’s something about you that takes my breath away, the way you dance, had me locked in a trance, too good to blink, you’re a tiny dancer and I can’t think straight.

With the world at my door I leave out the back, I tried to sneak away but got caught in the act. Here I drink this bottle so tall, once filled to the top with vodka, now less than half remains and i’m still not feeling it at all. I’d rather be getting warm by a fire, sharing stories and laughs, than stuck here in this room with nothing not even a glass. I’ll drink from the bottle and write another line, the night is creeping away and daylight is feeling fine. The liquid goes down my throat and snuffs out the cold even in my feet. My hands are busy typing and with each stroke they create a beat. A new song is make with each sentence I write, I could make a whole album from just tonight.

There is stillness in the night that gives me quite a fright. There are kids passed out sleeping on the floor and half hanging on couches. There’s no silver ware in the drawers, not a can of beans to be found. It’s such a weird little night in this tiny college town. The snores are coming in muffled each time; I’m still playing music and writing the thoughts that come to mind.

The things that I think and the things that I say aren’t on the same page and never come out the right way. My tongue fights a war with my mind, it wants to say what I have to keep inside. It’s a daily battle sometimes I lose, I can’t help the ones that blurt out and leave others feeling confused.

I want you to write me book like you’re Stephen King, win my heart like you’re Whitman, and cast Johnny Depp as the lead role. I’d sell my soul for a copy. Spin me story that leaves me wanting more, tell me something new I haven’t heard before; let your inhibitions go and just let your writings flow.Tell me of a land waiting to be discovered, build me a hot-air balloon with descriptions so clear I’d think we were in it. Test the winds and check the map; if you lead the way, I’ll have your back. A journey unlike any before is truly what I’m searching for, you can take me there with my eyes closed shut; I trust you more with my gut.

The darkness is no longer in the room, the birds are waking up and singing their tunes. There are still kids sprawled out everywhere, sleeping like babies without a worry or care. If only when they did wake, they could keep that inner peace like state. In the light coming in I can see all that was hidden before, there’s a stack of books and a stuffed animal by the door.

Oh what a night it has been, I just can’t believe my eyes; there are six tiny birds, chirping outside. The cold winds of the morning grow strong they give me chills through my bones. As I’ve watched a day come and go, I’ve sat here patiently enjoying the morning glow. There are no longer stars in the sky we see, the full moon is gone, and now it’s just you and me.

Smoking cigarettes like it’s my job, oh what a restless night can do; There is numbness in my legs but there’s nothing I can do.
I hear my friends start to stir about, they walk gently as to not wake anyone else in the house. They whisper like mice, I can hear them through the walls; their voices are muffled and their footsteps creep down the hall.

They’ve opened the door to find me here, still sitting where they left me, still writing without fear.
The time passes faster when everyone’s awake, I cherish the night and the calming energy it radiates.
They are up and ready for their day, I’m not done writing, I could be here for days.

There’s so much bubbling in my dome, chemicals mix together and they fizz and foam. There’s a whole world outside this window; I’m not afraid of falling, I’m afraid I’ll let go.

It’s so good to have my computer up and running again, with all the writing I’ve done, it’s almost like I’m trying to make up for four months in two days. So many writings I started and moved on, I clearly have too much to say when there’s nothing going on.

There’s snow on the ground outside my window and I wish you were here.
There’s a snoring sound coming from the floor and I wish you were here.
There’s vodka to drink, everyone’s asleep, and I wish you were here.
There’s nothing to do but play music that makes me think of you, I wish you were here.
There’s a stranger rap, tap, scatting at the door and I wish you were here.
There’s nothing but darkness and I wish you were here.
There are drugs to be done, I wish you were here.
There are things to do and kisses to be given, I wish you were here.
There’s an aching in my soul, I wish you were here.

Until next time, stay sane.
Blessed Be,