You Know You’re a Hipster Pagan When

LOve this, gotta check her out if you haven’t already!!

The Witch of Forest Grove

Pagan Hipster Meme

It all started with Meadowsweet & Myrrh‘s Alison Leigh Lilly and her hilarious blog post Hipster Paganism. The local cities of Victoria and Vancouver where I’ve lived are plagued with hipsters and therefore hipster pagans and so found myself laughing ’til tears streamed down my face.  I had many heard pagans say these things (especially in the traditional witchcraft community – you know who you are LOL)! Not being able to resist, my mischievous friend Shivian and I started a #HipsterPagan hashtag on twitter and, of course, chaos ensued. The funny part? Me and most of my friends are guilty of some of these – not going to say which though!

@Shivian “My ritual salt was fair-trade harvested from a locally owned, small ocean cove by well paid employees.”

@forestwitch “I only use chants collected from the oral lore of rural peoples from Outer Hebrides before 1890 because it’s…

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